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  • William E. Leigh III

The Kaleidoscope Meditation Group

Please join our meditation practice Tuesday night at 7pm in Ballard.

Sacred Rain Healing Center

1100 NW 50th St, Seattle WA 98107

We hold a meditation group every Tuesday teaching and exploring inner states of consciousness. The teachers rotate every week. We all have our own experience, styles and interests, so each meditation will be different. Every meditation practice will be peaceful, informative and mind expanding.

Each of leaders of this group work in our professional lives working with spirit, or more correctly, letting spirit work through us. We do not promote any specific set of beliefs or methods. The leaders of this group have each studied multiple practices and styles of meditation. We have all learned to support the creative flow that unfolds as you follow your spirit.

Spirituality needs community. The Kaleidoscope Meditation Group is our outreach to share meditation technology and practices while building community. It is difficult to define and discuss our spiritual experiences with others who do not share similar experiences. This community hopes to bring together individuals who cherish their spiritual experience and desire to share this with others in a safe and supportive environment.

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