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  • William E. Leigh III

Cult of the Soas

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

“The psoas is the keys It is always the key."

In less than 100 years. we have moved from an agricultural society that depends on physical labor to our modern society that depends on office work. Our bodies are designed for physical work and dynamic movement. Our chairs are designed to support our pelvis and comfortably secure our structure. Our chairs are robbing us of our physical power. With our increased sitting our pelvis musculature becomes weak, short and fibrotic.

Due to Lack of movement our internal organs become stagnant and we lose our natural vitality. The psoas muscle is a powerful muscle on the interior of the pelvis. It is the primary muscle for raising the leg. If we were farmers and walked many miles each day it would be the psoas that was doing most of the work. But we are sitters. Due to inactivity our psoas muscle becomes weak, fibrotic, dense and inflamed.

The Primary focus of SOMA sessions 5 is to reawaken the powerful psoas and to reestablish coordination with the other anterior muscles of the body. In this way, Soma Neural Muscular Integration enlivens our natural forward drive and ability to succeed.

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