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  • William E. Leigh III

Creating Lift

SOMA session ONE

"How are you breathing today?" We really don't think about it much. Breathing rarely hits our awareness and is only a problem when we are not breathing. Many of us spend out time sitting, hunched over a keyboard, with our neck protruding forward looking at an all important screen. This posture severely constrains the natural movement of our lungs. We are simply not allowing ourselves to breath deeply enough. We accept that this normal and necessary. By not allowing enough oxygen into our physiology we experience increased fatigue and overall sickness. But again, we have passively agreed that this is what 3veryone is doing. Our derriere's are getting bigger, and we are really just too tired to even try to increase our exercise. We go day to day expecting our lungs to just keep doing what they were doing yesterday without even thinking that this absolutely necessary process can be optimized.

SOMA session ONE aims to remodel the fascia that constrains our breathing. The session begins by remodeling our pelvis with the effort to regain some support of our core musculature. Then the session proceeds with addressing the fascia surrounding the lungs and creating "Lift" or reestablishing the natural fluidity of motion that our lungs need to inhale and exhale fully. The practitioner tries to help the rib-cage expand, then works to energize the diaphragm. Then the practitioner remodels our shoulders in the effort to pull them backward allowing our lungs and neck to rise.

The final result of this session is simply feeling revitalized. Just imagine how you would feel if you were spending less effort standing and breathing and your body was getting more oxygen? Everything just seems a little bit easier. It is now just a little easier to finish this project. It is not just a little easier to go out and exercise. It is now just a little easier to be happy and enjoy the moment.

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