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  • William E. Leigh III

Creating Confidence

SOMA session 3.

We are how we move. When you look at someone, you look at their appearance, but importantly you look at how they are presenting themselves to the world. Do they move with confidence and a big smile? Or are they walking with shoulders rolled forward, looking the ground, concerned about their footing and maybe what they are going to say? When we feel balanced and grounded, we lift our chin and allow our natural confidence to shine through.

We often think both sides of our body should look and work the same. At the same time, we recognize we are generally right or left handed and accomplish most of our dynamic activities favoring one hand or the other. Also, we know that most of our organs do not exist on both sides of the physiology. Therefore, our physiology has to make subtle shifts to support this dynamic balance and muscular "favoring" of one side of the body vs the other.

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration (SNI) understands that our unbalanced presentation is normal. There are research studies that show that humans are not balanced, but present in a dynamic pattern of unbalanced tension. SNI Practitioners learn this as the "typical random pattern". SNI practitioners do not diagnose the body based on a parallel balanced structural pattern, but from deviation from the "typical random pattern"

SOMA Session 3 focuses on rebuilding the left and right sides of our body individually. The idea is not to rebuild both sides to look the same, but to remodel each side in a way that effectively supports the whole. The tension of the hips and lumbar are released to allow natural support and the shoulders are deeply freed from their thoracic adhesions and allowed to lift. As each side is supported in expressing its individual needs, we begin to allow the dynamic fluid flow of our bodies from side to side. The cross dynamics of shifting our weight when walking are readily experienced. One has increased trust with their footing and sense of balance. One finds themselves moving with increased confidence, balance and swagger.

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