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  • William E. Leigh III

Are cute penguins more charming than the ugly ones?

Dr. Ida Rolf designed her system of Rolfing® or Structural Integration(SI) over fifty years ago. She designed a ten session series of bodywork that focuses on remodeling the fascia of the muscular skeletal system. The understanding is that if you remodel the fascia or container of the body, you will improve posture, release patterns of muscular tension, and increase overall vitality. The system that she designed was developed over many years including many practitioners employing rigorous trial and effort. The series of ten sessions that she finally decided upon is not based on theory, but by finding the best way to systematically realign the physiology and reduce previous holding patterns. This ten session series is still taught at the Rolf Institute fifty years later.

Soma Neuromuscular Integration® (SNI®) was the first branch of systematic bodywork based on Rolfing that decided to continue development of this system. SNI® strongly holds to the original ten session series designed by Dr. Ida Rolf and her partners. But SNI® adds tools to help transform the personality and psychology while the patient is going through the process of remodeling their fascia.

The idea that SNI® adds to Dr, Rolf’s work is that our physical shape and posture is more than just our body, it also contains our vitality and personality. When our fascia is realigned increases our balance and ability to breath, and our vitality is increased. As our physical vitality is increased, our personality is lifted and we find more energy to express ourselves. Our personalities naturally become more vibrant and effortless.

SNI® gives tools to help guide the patient to recognize this opportunity for personal transformation. It asks the patient to take time for self reflection and to really try to perceive who you were before taking this journey of transformation. When you perceive who you are, you can no longer be that person and you have already become someone else. SNI® helPs you to consciously create who you want to become. SNI® also adds tools to feel how you move in space. It asks you to perceive yourself as you learn to move with increased balance, fluidity and vitality.

So, “Are cute penguins more charming than the ugly ones?” As you rediscover your innate vitality you become more charming. And most likely, the people around you will find you much more attractive.

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