• William E. Leigh III

Allow this Moment

We all carry a story. this story shows how we have learned from our triumphs and our defeats. Through the filter this story we share our personality, beliefs and personal boundaries with the world around us. And by remembering this story we dearly cling to our sacred sense of self identity.We have learned to trust this story and we often try to ensure that every experience falls into the understanding developed by a previously accepted passage. In this way we believe we have control of our lives.

When the correctness of our story becomes more important than the Iife we are actually living, we spend an enormous amount of time and energy tying to control our lives and the lives around us. Our body is a physical extension of who we have become. When we work to control our lives, our bodies reflect our intentions and actions. We lose our natural relationship to our infinitely dynamic inner core. Then we begin to depend upon the extend shell that can be easily manipulated. Our shell musculature becomes lifeless and rigid.

More importantly, our core musculature falls into weakness and disease and we begin to lose our natural experience of vitality and balance. As we become weaker, we try even harder to correct the story. Then we spend even more effort working to use our shell musculature. This relationship creates a downward spiral, increases disease and perpetuates an inability to accept our true nature.

The way out of the downward spiral is to allow your full experience of this moment. Basis to practice living in awareness of the beauty of just being alive. Accept that when you choose to live now, in the future you will make better choices. It is recognized that simply accepting this moment may be a difficult and awkward process, especially when our memory of this natural experience has been lost. Also, it is often difficout to let go of trying to control your story and accept your natural existence. Soma Neuromuscular Integration helps one to release the constraints of the physical shell and enliven their core.

Physically enlivening and remodeling the core musculature begins the process of recreating our physical empowerment. Our personal sense of physical power is enlivened and our natural sense of balance is restored. We Release our need to control the story and learn to accept our natural balance and empowerment.

Session 4 initiates the remodeling of our physical core. the Previous sessions have been focused on releasing the shell and preparing the foundation. Session 4 represents the moment of releasing our heed to control and allow our natural dynamic balance to emerge. The following sessions help us build upon this reawakened vitality.

This moment, this moment just after you receive session 4, is often emotionally difficult. Know that it will pass. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of this moment.

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